May 10, 2022 2 min read

Are you stumped as to what to get your buddy as a present? Then you might want to consider getting a custom bobblehead. Bobbleheads are a popular pick for both children and adults as solo toys. These adorable pieces always furnish car dashboards, desks, tables, showcases, and other decor places. The energetically shaking head of these items is also a great choice for your kids. They can spend hours of playing time with these toy toddlers. For your little ones, it always works as a trustful companion. Ultimately, giving these bobbleheads to your loved ones gives you complete peace of mind.

We have talked much about toy and superhero-based bobbleheads. What if you have the opportunity to have a bobblehead that looks like you? Isn’t it exciting? Today, numerous people are personalizing their bobbleheads. Furthermore, if you want to gift it to your favourite person, you can get that as well just by sending a few pictures. Custom bobbleheads can transform your friends into anime characters. It will be a lot of fun if your gifting the custom bobbleheads to your friends on Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, etc. The overload of love and cuteness will make your friend fall in love with it. If you are going to make an order online, please follow our procedure. 

How to order your custom bobblehead?

Follow the below-mentioned points to order your custom bobblehead.

  • Choose a physique for your figure that suits your personality. In this situation, you can opt for one from a particular website or completely customize your own. 
  • Send your good photograph, including side view, front view, and back view. Make sure that these pictures are of good resolution. 
  • Designate your eye color, hair color, skin color, and body color as per the color chart. If you cannot get your one, please select your nearest shade. While creating your bobblehead, we will try our best to reach your closest one. 
  • To be in touch with the procedure, we request you keep checking your email box. The website will collect all the information and initiate the process of your customized bobblehead
  • After you’ve given your final clearance, you’ll be able to pick up your gift at home.

custom bobblehead

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